LendUS® Launches First Two Sales Offices Under National Brand

Top Southern California offices take on parent company name in first wave of
national rebranding efforts

ALAMO, Calif. – April 12, 2018 – LendUS®, LLC, a leading national private mortgage lender and parent to four regional mortgage companies, is proud to announce the rebranding of two of its offices – marking the first LendUS® branches in the country.

With a presence in more than 30 states, LendUS® is a collaboration of four mortgage powerhouses: RPM Mortgage, American Eagle Mortgage, Regency Mortgage and Mortgage Financial. The RPM Mortgage offices in Del Mar, Calif. and Irvine, Calif. were selected as the first to become LendUS® due to the strength and experience of their teams, as well as their lending coverage – several loan advisors are licensed and originating in multiple states, with plans to expand their books of business.

“From the very beginning, LendUS® companies have come together to focus on providing borrowers smart advice and an easy process with super speed,” said Rob Hirt, CEO of LendUS®. “That effort has been proven, year after year, as our collective has ranked among the top 20 retail lenders in the country. Now, by transitioning to the LendUS® name, our branches and loan advisors receive more visibility on a national stage, which is especially powerful as we expand our lending footprint.”

“It’s exciting to be part of the first group to bring the LendUS® brand to life,” said Del Mar Loan Advisor Sean Stanfield. “Our family of companies continues to grow and our success is driven by the ability to embrace new strategies that are designed to benefit our customers. Our office rebranding speaks to the company’s greater commitment of bringing together its salesforce and borrowers across the country.”

The rebranding of the Irvine and Del Mar offices takes the total to 19 loan advisors under the LendUS® name, with several more scheduled in the near future. Still, company executives say the rebranding will be done on a selective basis, with focus on newly opened offices in states or regions into which the company is expanding.

“Every market is unique and in some regions, especially those our companies have been in for nearly 20 years, our names are synonymous with community lending,” said Hirt. “They will continue operating under their existing name, but still very much benefit from the support of LendUS® as their national parent company.”

The LendUS® Del Mar office is led by Regional Manager Chad Baker and is located at 12750 High Bluff Drive, Suite 100 in San Diego. The LendUS® Irvine office is led by Executive Loan Advisor Ben Anderson and is located at 9920 Research Drive in Irvine, Calif.

LendUS® can be found online at www.lend.us, on Facebook and Twitter at @LendUSLLC.

About LendUS®

Based in Alamo, California, LendUS®, LLC is one of the country’s top family-owned and operated private mortgage lenders. LendUS® is the culmination of the uniting of American Eagle Mortgage, Mortgage Financial, Regency Mortgage and RPM Mortgage, four well-established companies with like-minded industry veterans. This unification allows LendUS® to combine the ultra-attentive service of a small firm with the competitive rates and broad product selection of a nationwide lender. With a focus on providing customers with smart advice and an easy process with super speed, LendUS® currently serves 32 states with an eye on growth. For more information, please visit www.lend.us, call 925.295.9300, or follow @LendUSLLC.