LendUS Opens New Branch in San Juan, Puerto Rico

LendUS is excited to announce the opening of our newest branch in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The office branch will be the first in the U.S. Territory. We are also pleased to welcome Tony Santiago as one of the newest members of the LendUS Family. Santiago brings with him 20 years of mortgage experience, and we’re thrilled that he will be the Branch Manager of our new San Juan location.

Tony Santiago is one of the newest members of the LendUS Family.

Santiago has big plans for the first LendUS office on the island and wants the people of Puerto Rico to know that LendUS is here to help them achieve their homeownership dreams. “We’re going to do transactions totally different than [the people of Puerto Rico] are traditionally used to,” Santiago says. “People are expected to comply with tax laws—like, we have the Act 20 here. I want them to know we have options.”

Santiago also hopes to convey that working with LendUS will mean faster and smoother transactions for potential homebuyers. “I want them to know that they’re going to receive more customer service than ever before,” he says. “We want to make sure of the time frame it would take to process and close those transactions – it should take less than 30 days.”

And lastly, Santiago has a goal of focusing on a piece of the market that could use some more attention. “We’re [also] going to focus on the market that is not being taken care of right now in Puerto Rico, and that market is jumbo loans,” Santiago claims.

In the coming weeks, the San Juan office will be filled with more Loan Advisors and the staff needed to provide the island with the financial assistance they need. In addition, the citizens of Puerto Rico should be on the lookout soon for a Grand Opening Event, where potential buyers and realtors will be welcomed to the new LendUS San Juan Office.

As a nationwide lending company, LendUS is committed to providing new and existing homeowners with elite service. The company is excited to expand its reach outside of the United States and is looking forward to helping more homeowners.