We’re Back Filming Military Makeover for Season 27!

Filming for season 27 of the Military Makeover series hosted by Montel Williams airing on Lifetime TV has started, and LendUS couldn’t be prouder to partner with this show for the third time!

Our LendUS family is volunteering again with the Military Makeover team, this time in Hollywood, Florida, helping Veteran Michelle Dingee. After training as a combat medic, treating fellow servicemembers’ physical and mental injuries, and spending 14 years in the Air Force, Dingee still suffers from severe PTSD daily. We are honored to be sponsoring this season and giving back to such a deserving Veteran.

We will be taking you behind the scenes of the filming process all week long, so be on the lookout as we show you some sneak peeks of what is to come!

Our LendUS volunteer team (from L to R) Tony Greenwood, Erin Hamilton, Theresa Galey, Jim Hawksworth, and Anthony Ramacciotti are working hard down in Florida filming Military Makeover.

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