LendUS Raised $10,000 for Operation Warm

We understand the value of giving back to our communities, whether that’s through volunteering to local organizations, helping renovate Veterans’ homes with the Military Makeover series hosted by Montel Williams, airing on Lifetime TV, or donating funds whenever possible. As the holidays approached this season, the LendUS family set a goal of raising $10,000 to support Operation Warm.

Operation Warm is a national nonprofit organization that aims to help children in underserved communities by giving them the warmth of coats and shoes, confidence in themselves, and supportive hope for a bright future. The organization’s motto, “more than a coat,” means children are not only wrapped in the physical warmth of a coat they’re given but also the emotional warmth from the kindness of others. According to Operation Warm’s website, over the past 23 years, the organization has served over 1,900 communities and gifted over 30,000 shoes and 4 million coats.

Through the efforts of our LendUS family and the company’s donation of $5,000, we were able to meet and surpass our goal by raising $10,122 for Operation Warm this holiday season. The organization is very transparent about where the donated money is allocated. For every dollar donated to Operation Warm, 94 cents is used directly for coats and shoes, while the other six cents is distributed to fundraising, management, and general needs. Happy holidays from our LendUS family to yours, and we hope you and your family are warm this year.

If you can help Operation Warm, don’t hesitate to visit their website now for more information!