8 Activities to Spark Your Thanksgiving Appetite

Thanksgiving is a time that brings family, friends, and loved ones together to share what you all are grateful for, but also to enjoy some delicious food. This year, instead of rolling out of bed, overeating, and then sitting on the couch all afternoon, get your body moving with some turkey day-themed physical activities. Here are eight ideas to get you and your loved ones feeling hungry for seconds on Thanksgiving.

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10 Activities to Do Over Halloween Weekend

Now that we are deep into autumn it is time to start thinking about the ghostly holiday Halloween. This year October 31 lands on a Sunday so all weekend long you can enjoy activities inspired by this spooky time of year. Though the celebration originated from the Celtic festival Samhain, which involved people wearing costumes to scare away ghosts and participating in bonfires, we now have expanded upon the tradition. Check out our list of 10 activities you can do to celebrate your Halloween weekend!

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Is Mortgage Advice on TikTok Trustworthy or Trendy?

With our rapidly advancing society, the Millennial and Gen Z generations have grown up in a world where they have all the latest technology at their fingertips straight from birth. So now, it’s only natural that businesses have started gravitating to the most popular places on the internet to reach young people. Now you can seek advice from someone on just about every platform, from Instagram to Twitter, and even the latest craze, TikTok. Mortgage lenders are following suit and trying to reach a new demographic through social media, but is it trustworthy? A recent article from Forbes ponders this very idea.

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How to Pay Down Your Debts

Whether you acquired debt from credit cards, a car, student loans or a mortgage, you’re likely to have borrowed money at one point in your life. These debts can eventually reach a point where you’re overwhelmed at the thought of paying them back. According to Nerd Wallet, in 2020 the average American household owed over $7,000 in credit card debt and over $56,000 in student loan debt. Managing your debt effectively will allow you to pay down the money you owe, without gaining more interest. There are some common methods for paying off your debts like debt snowball and debt avalanche.

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