Why Mortgage Refinancing Could Be Beneficial

Whenever mortgage interest rates take a plunge, most homeowners could be asking themselves if they would benefit from refinancing their current mortgage. Like taking out a mortgage to buy a home, there are also significant fees associated when refinancing a mortgage. When refinancing a mortgage, homeowners need to determine their financial goals so that they could figure out if they would benefit from the process. As a rule-of-thumb, refinancing could make sense if it will improve the homeowners’ finances along the way.

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Side Gig Ideas That Could Help Boost Your Income

Millions of Americans have recently filed for unemployment claims as the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues to snowball, shutting down businesses across the nation. Many families could experience financial difficulties in these trying times. To address the situation, the U.S. Senate had passed a $2 trillion economic stimulus bill to ensure families remain in their homes while the world continues to deal with the pandemic.

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Consider These Top Virtual Tour Software When Selling Your Home

The new coronavirus disease or COVID-19 is interrupting the homebuying craze this spring season. Most people who have decided to make the big purchase this time of the year suddenly became cautious of viewing open houses for fears of getting exposed to the virus. You may consider having virtual tours if you’re selling your home on your own and you want to showcase the beauty of your home to potential buyers as the nation still finds a cure for the COVID-19.

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Spring Cleaning Safety Tips Every Family Should Consider

Spring is that time of the year when every family member becomes busy decluttering and improving the home. Spring cleaning not only benefits the home, but some experts even suggest that homeowners also benefit from doing the annual practice. However, households could suffer physical injuries when cleaning. Homeowners may want to consider some safety tips for an enjoyable spring cleaning with the family.

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Homeowners Impacted by COVID-19 May Consider Mortgage Forbearance

Mortgage forbearance is an option available for U.S. homeowners who temporarily could not pay their monthly mortgage. Homeowners in the U.S. who are experiencing financial hardships as a result of the pandemic coronavirus disease, or COVID-19, were recently encouraged to get in touch with their respective mortgage servicers to possibly prevent losing their homes.

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Smart Strategies Home Sellers May Consider Before Listing a Property

Home sellers currently have the upper hand in the housing market because of the prevailing low housing inventory on one hand and price gains on the other hand. As a homeowner, you may want to take advantage of the current housing market condition to sell your current property and find another one that you can call “home”. You need to act efficiently if you have plans of putting your home in the market. Here are the smart strategies you may want to consider so your family can have a smooth transition.