Mountain Trust Mortgage

Branch Manager Gary Cooper and Mountain Trust Mortgage’s mission is to provide our families with a competitive loan financing program tailored to fit their unique financial lifestyle—now as a part of the LendUS Family.

Our team of LendUS Loan Advisors is committed to eliminating any misconceptions or misleading information in our industry—allowing you the confidence to rely on our ability to fund your loan, while giving you a full understanding of the process.

We’re providing our borrowers with the most elite lending services, and we want to help them achieve their home financing goals. With a broad range of loan products, we can accomplish more than ever before. Regardless of your situation, we’re equipped to secure the best mortgage option for your financial status.

Our dedicated team can give you the guidance you need in financing; we’re ready to answer your questions today. Reach out to 858-376-1299, or with our Home On Time App, we allow you to apply and manage your loan on any device, at any time – getting your family into homes sooner.

For over 20 years, Gary Cooper has been committed to the local San Diego region. His community outreach and philanthropic attitude has been featured on several radio stations promoting the Mountain Trust Mortgage brand and will continue to do so as a division of LendUS.

Mountain Trust Mortgage – a division of LendUS based in San Diego, California.


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Branch Map Icon16486 Bernardo Center Drive, Suite 368
San Diego, CA 92128